Unless you have perfect grammar, have an astonishing vocabulary and are a Nobel laureate novelist or have published any intellectual contribution of some sort, shut the fuck up about the value of an English degree. The amount of people who can’t read or write proper English is significantly large…in America. Before you say something ignorant or contemptuous about someone who has studied something he or she is passionate about, think about what you have to offer to the world instead of looking for validation in belittling another person.  

I feel like I’ve been objectified by my “suitors” and it makes me really sick. Maybe I should just make more unsightly appearances in public so my personality will be regarded. Maybe that’s what I would do if I was completely insane. Fuck you guys. I am human and have feelings.

All I felt throughout the day was an empty stomach and a longing for my bed. School was unbearable and a result of two ancient professors who don’t know how to efficiently use a computer or how to lecture without leaving the topic of discussion astray. We are reading Ulysses in my morning class and as you may already know, it’s indecipherable. A world literature class I took last year left me with a strong disinterest in James Joyce, so it will take a considerable amount of effort not to hate my life for the next ten weeks. Tuesdays will be fairly simple because I only have French, but it will also be very easy not to want to get out of bed for an hour of school . 

California had all of winter to be cold and now that spring has arrived, it’s not okay to step out in a cardigan unless I want to grit my teeth and hug myself. We have a new roommate from Versailles, her name is Anne. I don’t know too much about her yet, except that she wears a lot of perfume. My experience with French people in college hasn’t been too enchanting, but I guess I can’t really avoid this situation. 


whenever someone rambles about something … good or bad it is a sign of being affected by it. I do not find time in my day to discuss something I simply do not care about. This is common sense; whatever it is you speak of, you’re obviously thinking about it. What you converse about is governed by your thoughts. I think it’s irritating when someone tries to emphasize that they do not care about something but cannot seem to shut up about it. Maybe I’m passive aggressive. This was very poorly articulated but whatever I’m not trying to impress anyone

finals week

I’m excited for Spring Quarter not so much Spring break haha. Anyway, I managed to get Mondays and Fridays off and I’ve not ascertained if that is going to affect me negatively.  Hopefully I don’t get too lazy although I already have a library buddy and I couldn’t be more excited for that to fall through. Going to the science library on my own isn’t too bad but having someone to study with would make it all that much more tolerable. I haven’t seen my family in about a month because I decided to stay in Riverside for as long as I could. I actually haven’t had a problem with not visiting my hometown. Because I’ve been away for some time, I don’t have solid plans for the break but I don’t really care. Staying home and doing nothing would probably be fine. I’d like to spend time with Paulina at the park and teach her how to ride her bike or something. I thought about going to six flags but I’d just be going just to go not because I actually want to go. So, hopefully I can find someone to accompany me to the theaters or have someone come over to watch movies at my house. All of my friends are always busy with work or are too busy living on the other end of the United States. I was just browsing through my news feed on Facebook this morning and I actually came across something that was worth my attention. My colleague, Ivette is now in France and has visited Versailles and Oscar Wilde’s tomb. Wait, she kissed Oscar Wilde’s tomb. ISN’T THAT FREAKING AWESOME?! He’s one of the most influential figures in my life. In fact, I would probably never be able to visit France if it were not for him. Bizarre, isn’t it? Just last week I published my first article in the Highlander (UCR’s newspaper) so I’m pretty stoked. It’s a mini-accomplishment. I’d like to write more and actually be a part of the editing staff or the photography team. I’ve realized every time I talk about these things I out-nerd myself each time. So, byeee