├ętudiant parisienne en septembre

I officially booked my flight to Paris with Air France this morning. The thought of the ten hour flight before me is daunting, but as September approaches, perhaps I’ll be more enthusiastic about it. This is my first travel to France so naturally I’m a little anxious. The French Consulate is expecting me next week to review my student visa application. I will be studying at Institut Catholique de Paris until December. Ironically, my summer has been eventful and I haven’t had much time to research weather conditions and places to eat. If any one has suggestions, please direct them to me!

Suicide is not selfish or an act of weakness

The Robin Williams headlines are disenchanting. I apologize in advance for the cynicism in my opinion but it’s unfortunate we had to see him go at such an accomplished age in his life due to depression. For a man like him, it’s instinctive to believe the availability of psychiatric assistance would not have been an issue. This brings me to say that depression is not something a doctor can necessarily fix. You’re thinking, “DUH,” but I’m saying this due to the generic, “Get help,” advice depressed individuals are always told. Meds and therapy should be instrumental to an individual’s well-being but not everyone shares the psychological candidacy for a medicinal approach. I do not have a degree in psychology but knowing all of the facts and hormones etc is not a versatile solution for depression. I imagine suicide is a result of loneliness and not necessarily from being alone but rather a deprivation of the ‘right’ individuals?? I’m contemplating possible reasons because it’s something I can’t wrap my head around. Articles and news reports usually leave out personal details that would illuminate the nature of a situation but I understand it’s due to respect. Depression is a labyrinth of desperation and sadness. The particular individual who suffers from depression is in control to make an effort to improve upon his or her condition or submit to it. If Prozac or Xanax or whatever stimulates his or her neural activity, great. The point is, I don’t think help from other individuals should be glorified as the number one solution. Suicide is such a personal thing and I don’t mean to romanticize it or promote it. What I’m trying to say is if someone really wants to make a difference in a depressed person’s mentality before their his or her life is at stake, they should be genuine; the authenticity of human relationships is imperative. It’s comforting to know that there are individuals you can trust with sensitive information